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Top Secret

Daydress by Top Secret

Daydress by Top Secret

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This charming leopard print dress combines a wild pattern with a delicate cut. The ruffles and buffeted sleeves add lightness, while the lining provides comfort. The elastic waistband accentuates the waist, creating an attractive silhouette. This dress is perfect for evening outings, dates or parties, adding a touch of wildness and elegance. You will look stunning in it, catching everyone's attention with your unique style.

Polyester 100 %

Size Lenght Chest Waist
34 96 cm 96 cm 62-96 cm
36 96 cm 100 cm 66-100 cm
38 98 cm 104 cm 70-104 cm
40 98 cm 108 cm 74-108 cm
42 100 cm 112 cm 78-112 cm
44 100 cm 116 cm 82-116 cm
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